Virginia has ignited a passion in my daughter and her other students that amazes us. She is a passionate, incredible teacher and is truly creating leaders for tomorrow. She is changing our children. We think it's really true that she's the best teacher since the Apostle Paul!

When we signed up for Dr. Armstrong's first class, we were looking for a high school government credit. What we got in return was a class that taught our children to think for themselves, to form their own standpoints not merely based upon their own opinions but based upon constitutional law, and be able to intelligently articulate those standpoints in a manner understandable to others. Needless to say, we signed up for her other classes as well. To say our son, who was more reticent in front of others than our daughter, grew in Dr. Armstrong's classes, not only academically, but in confidence and poise is an understatement. What a difference! We recommend this program as a highly effective tool to help foster our future leaders of tomorrow.

Virginia makes her classes so much fun for the students that they hardly realize initially how much they are learning in many areas besides law and the Constitution-grammar, vocabulary, history, philosophy, theology, etc. They adore her and would do anything for her.

Dr. Armstrong has changed our children. What a difference she has made in our son-his knowledge, skill, and confidence to stand up for the right. We call her teaching "Communicators for Christ."


Dr. Armstrong is awesome. Although I'd had speaking experience before her class, my skills have improved dramatically. And the knowledge she's us taught about God, our Constitution, and our Culture War are really so exciting and unbelievable. We're all so grateful to have her and her influence in our lives!

I highly respect Dr. Armstrong's teachings and her as a person. We need more people like her in our constitutional/judicial world. Through her classes I have learned how to defend the Judeo-Christian worldview. Thank you, Dr. Armstrong.

Taking Dr. Armstrong's classes has really helped me in self confidence and speaking. I've enjoyed them so much that I've taken all three she's taught. I have learned so much about the Constitution and American law. I've learned to express my beliefs clearly and easily. This class has been awesome!

Blackstone Institute is an amazing organization. Dr. Armstrong, who is the President, is an amazing teacher who really cares and wants her students to understand all of the legal cases and such. The classes are so wonderful; you learn so much about government and what's wrong with the government and the world. I highly recommend any classes you can take from Dr. Armstrong.

This class has been so cool! I can tell you right now that the teacher is what makes the class. Mrs. Armstrong has been such a awesome teacher, friend, and even like an aunt to me.

The way she teaches this class has been such an eye-opener to what is going on in the courts, and what we can do about it. It is really exciting to know and be able to understand what is going on in American.

For training in law there are few better to take from than Dr. Armstrong. I have learned so much from her, and I have grown in confidence and freedom. I can talk to learned people and carry on conversations. I can stand up and confidently give a speech. My vocabulary has been boosted enormously, and I owe this to Dr. Armstrong. She has such a great passion for teaching and you will never be bored. I highly recommend her as one of the absolutely best teachers ever.

Dr. Armstrong's class takes some getting use to, but she is joyful and funny and keeps you interested. The speeches you give are nerve racking, but she encourages you and gives you good and helpful suggestions. She listens to your thoughts and knows what is happening in the world today. She teaches high grade material but keeps it understandable.

Sample Comments from Participants in Blackstone Workshops, 2011

In all my life I've heard only one other person teach with Virginia's passion; she actually brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you for a great seminar on the U.S. Constitution. Learned much from the speaker and the booklets.

I went home and immediately posted it to my blog page and the next day posted a link to nccs.net.

The workshop was wonderful, but I didn't know that Virginia could be so funny!

Good talking points and great preparation to defend the Constitution's role in politics. Even better the history as to how liberals have diluted and amended the Constitution.

Virginia's presentation was splendid. She needs to be heard all over the country.

Thank you for making this available. There needs to be much more of this!

Virginia did a superb job. I'm going to pass her materials along to other folks who need her insight and information.

We enjoyed the seminar very much, and gained good insight from Dr. Armstrong on what we need to do move the U.S. back to a Constitutional government. I'm tired of the leftists misquoting the Constitution to prove a point, and sometimes I feel that having some better information would arm me to explain the truth.

Virginia is a fabulous teacher. If I can ever do anything to promote her work, I will.

Virginia did an outstanding teaching job. But her husband could take her out of teaching and put her on the comedy circuit as a stand-up comedienne!

I recommend more time, perhaps one to two hours more.

Virginia has a vast wealth of knowledge, and I really think she has a great idea here for multi-level teaching.

[My parents] thought it [the Workshop] was wonderful! Dad said Dr. Armstrong is such a wealth of information, he wished she had more time to talk, but when I asked if he would have cut the small group sessions shorter, he said no. They were really good too.

Mom has spent many hours studying the Constitution in the past, and she has been on Dr. Armstrong's mailing list before. So she came with a fairly big frame of reference and said it was so worthy every minute. Everything was so good and well planned.

It is vital that we be educated on how to effectively take action defending our Constitution. We are very excited to have the renowned Dr. Virginia Armstrong instruct us on better understanding the Constitution, what role our founders intended it to play in our nation and how we can equip ourselves to revive and preserve it.

I loved Virginia for her enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge. Thanks for sponsoring the seminar and it was good to be there.

Excellent, well prepared and in-depth presentation. I am looking forward to the February training

The class was great! I learned a lot of specific information and the small group discussion was good too. I loved our professor.

I enjoyed the seminar and thought it was encouraging - thanks for hosting.

I personally thought that the interrogative seminar was GREAT! It was much more than I had anticipated - and I was blessed by it very much. I cannot wait to attend the February 5, 2011 LEADERHSIP seminar. We just all needed a little more time to complete the seminar - maybe two hours.

I'll support Virginia in any way that I can. I think that what she's teaching is wonderful, and everybody in the whole world should hear it.