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Christianity Confronting the Culture

The Blackstone Institute for Law and Worldview
President: Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D. (Public Law)*


This Initiative—the “CCC”—is, in the words of James Madison, dedicated to “arming our people to be their own governors with the power that knowledge gives.” Thus, the CCC reveals, analyzes, and critiques the most controversial and dangerous battles ripping apart contemporary American law and society. Particular emphasis is placed on the leadership role of American law and judges in this Culture War. When widely distributed, this knowledge translates into immense power as CCC’s tools demonstrate the superiority of the Judeo-Christian worldview over the Humanistic worldview, and reveal strategies for Judeo-Christian victories.


"Academics without action is dead; action without academics is deadly.” The Christianity Confronting the Culture Initiative overcomes this deadly dichotomy by joining the resources of three leading academic and activist enterprises in a collaborative battle for truth and the constitutionalist position, advocating the originalist approach to the Constitution and its Judeo-Christian foundation. This joint initiative includes Houston Christian University (academics), the Eagle Forum (activism) and the Blackstone Institute for Law and Worldview (the creator and coordinator of the CCC). Uniquely effective synergistic power is generated by this partnership.


The CCC offers a program that is streamlined and simple, yet strong, including tools that may vary as national needs change. But the foundational truths of the Judeo-Christian worldview are always basic. Four issues are a top priority: religious liberties, abortion and life issues, evolutionism v. creationism, and the new sexualism.

CCC’s current educational program focuses on the "Taproot of Truth" study series and includes the following components:


Taproot of Truth Articles

Topical series of six to eight printed issues per topic, approximately three to five pages in length, and published periodically.

Taproot of Truth Podcast

Similar in content to the “Commentaries,” but presented in audiocasts or videocasts.

Taproot of Truth Courses

Short courses (typically six to eight weeks long) on an almost limitless variety of subjects relevant to CCC’s purpose and partnership.

TIPP (“Teaching the Truth in Person”)

This “TIPP” option is a unique and popular opportunity for clients of CCC services to arrange for live, real time Zoom visits with their professor.
*Co-founder and President, Blackstone Institute for Law & Worldview; Affiliate Professor of Constitutional Apologetics, Houston Christian University; National Director, Eagle Forum’s Law & Worldview Program

The Blackstone Institute for Law & Worldview is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational corporation. Donations made to Blackstone are tax-exempt.
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The Blackstone Institute for Law & Worldview is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational corporation. Donations made to Blackstone are tax-exempt.
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