Truth Triathlon Team

"Where Academics and Action Meet"

Blackstone’s premier action event, the Truth Triathlon Team, offers a totally unique and irresistibly exciting constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics education and action opportunity for high school and college students who qualify for team membership.    Adults can also join the excitement, as the Team provides a wide variety of opportunities for adults to be involved with the Team.   Blackstone’s innovative Truth Triathlon moot court program is the flagship of the Team.

The Team is designed to give everyone involved the opportunity to utilize his/her “classroom knowledge” to impact significantly the “real world of America’s courtrooms and culture,” to put into action the constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics learned in academic endeavors.   The ultimate objective? To declare and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview of law, with the surviving and thriving of the U. S. Constitution as the primary focus – to utilize the knowledge acquired in the classroom in the real-world battle of the courtroom and the culture at large.   This program equips and trains an army of young patriots committed to restoring the Constitution to its position of supremacy in our legal system.   The Humanistic worldview, depending heavily on judicial decisions, has attempted to replace constitutional supremacy in America with judicial supremacy.

Therefore, the courts, the Constitution, and the Culture War are the focus of the Team’s program.  Biblical principles and truths are the foundation, and the worldview approach/model is the framework.   The hottest Culture War issues, are addressed:  abortion, evolutionism v. creationism, religious freedom (especially of orthodox believers), and homosexual rights/marriage.   Landmark court decisions in these policy areas are the portal through which Team participants embark on the critically important crusade for the U. S. Constitution and its Judeo-Christian roots.

Among the Blackstone Truth Triathlon Team’s greatest assets are its appeal, accessibility, and adaptability.    The appeal of the program results from its offering a multi-faceted program of activities, its emphasis on a balance of academics and action, the opportunities it offers for those involved to have an immediate impact on the Culture War, etc.  The program is more accessible both geographically and monetarily than many forensics programs.   Finally, the Team program is adaptable in several ways.   It can be used as a “stand-alone” program, or as a complement to other programs.  The Team program also provides a framework into which studies and activities from other compatible sources can be fitted.

The Team offers a variety of activities grouped into three event arenas.  Participants who successfully complete requirements in these three arenas become Team members and may earn Team honors if they successfully pursue additional events.  The three event arenas on which the Team focuses are the following:

 1.  Academics:  Courses and shorter studies that relate to the Constitution and the Worldview/Courts/Culture War in which the Constitution is a central battleground.  Blackstone’s “core course,” Reviving the Constitution, is foundational to Team activities; and a range of shorter studies by Blackstone supplements the core.  Each of these studies can be pursued on its own, or the various titles can be studied as extensions of topics in the core course.  Courses and studies produced by other organizations compatible with the goals and approaches of the Blackstone Institute and approved by Blackstone may also be very useful to Team members wishing to advance to the Team’s “Blackstone Barristers” program.

2.  Action:  Unique activity programs in which Team members develop and present activities designed to teach other patriots  about the hottest Constitutional/Culture War issues and the worldview context in which they are rooted.  Popular activities include the Constitution Bowl, the Vocabulary Bee, and skits (sometimes comical, sometimes serious).

3. Articulation:  The innovative Truth Triathlon Moot Court program, which is the flagship of the Truth Triathlon Team.  Moot court argumentation simulates the type of oral argument occurring before appellate courts such as the U. S. Supreme Court.   Although conducted in a formal atmosphere found far less often in America today than in the past, appellate/moot court argumentation is basically to be a “conversation” between the judges and counsels for the contending parties.  Moot Court is not a typical debate/forensic activity.  Rather, moot court, as a “conversation” activity,” fosters a skill that is usable immediately in ordinary human interactions.  Therefore, our moot court is an especially practical tool for arming American patriots to fight for the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Within the framework of constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics, our moot court focuses on the hottest Constitution/Culture War issues and court decisions, etc.   Moot court participation is multi-level, allowing Team members to advance to more demanding argumentation as they become prepared to do so.  Truth Triathlon moot court is different in several fundamental ways from traditional moot court because our Blackstone Team is committed to a different focus, foundation, and framework.  Truth Triathlon moot court advocates thus utilize more different types of arguments, follow Biblical standards in both content and presentation, etc,

The classical Trivium’s ingredients can now be clearly seen in the structure of the Truth Triathlon Team: “Academics” = “Grammar,” “Action” = “Reasoning,” and “Articulation” = “Rhetoric.”   Furthermore, in each event arena two or more Trivium elements may be reflected in a specific study or activity.

The Team honors its top-performing participants as “Blackstone Barristers.”  This award is conferred by the Blackstone Institute upon Truth Triathlon Team members who have excelled in each of the three Truth Triathlon Team event arenas. with moot court performance carrying the heaviest weight.