Reviving The Constitution

Reviving The Constitution -Course Details

“Reviving the Constitution” is the core of Blackstone’s curricula - the “flagship” of our teaching. It presents an intensive overview of America’s Culture War. The focus is on how runaway Humanistic judges have tried to warp the Constitution into a Humanistic weapon for revolutionizing all of American culture and what we, advocates of the Judeo-Christian worldview can do to revive our Constitution and our culture on their original, necessary Judeo- Christian foundations. 

“Reviving the Constitution” (“RTC” for short), Blackstone’s most extensive study in constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics, is offered in two versions: (1) the “Student (basic) Version” and (2) the “Leaders’ and Laymen’s (adult) Version.” The student version is appropriate for upper high school and AP courses, as well as for college level (contact the Blackstone Institute for customized assistance with this college version). 

Any version of RTC may be taken individually or in a class or other group. RTC is our “long course”, designed to cover a semester (Student Version) or 8-12 weeks (Leaders’ and Laymen's Version). Both versions include multi-media presentations by Dr. Armstrong, plus textbook/ notebook materials and other printed pieces. 

The Student Version may be used for credit in a variety of subjects and addresses all the elements of the classical Trivium. This version also includes tests, answer sheets, grading instructions, extended moot court information, etc., for use by parents/teachers/other adult class leader(s). This version places great emphasis on Blackstone’s unique moot court program and other aspects of our “Truth Triathlon Team” program. 

The Leaders’ and Laymen’s Version emphasizes “learning for action” as well as learning for its own sake. Accordingly, this Version includes recommendations for small group study and/or actions to result from studying RTC. 

Students from high school through professional law careers enjoy, and benefit from, the constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics learning opportunities offered by RTC. An exciting and unique educational venture into the rarely visited world of constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics awaits any committed student of RTC! 

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