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Florida’s Supreme Court: New Poster Child for Judicial Activism

January 2001 Florida's Supreme Court: New Poster Child for Judicial Activism The elections of 2000 generated a spate of court action unprecedented in American history. The U. S. Supreme Court was forced to render a decision which resulted in the Presidential victory of George W. Bush. But the USSC action was necessitated by the egregious…
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The “Deal” on Judicial Nominations Filibusters: An Update

June 2005 “Today’s vote marks  a triumph of principle over politics and results over rhetoric.”  So said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist after the U. S. Senate confirmed Priscilla Owen to a seat on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.   But neither Constitutionalists, who hold a high view of the Constitution, nor many of their…
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Will the Real Justice O’Connor Please Stand Up?

July 2005 America is engulfed in the flames of a Culture War. This war is reaching new levels of white-hot intensity with the onset of vacancies on the U. S. Supreme Court. We must understand that the battle over judges is not really over people, but over principles. The fight is not over just a…
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Chief Justice John Roberts? A Troubling Prospect

September 2005 The current battle over nominations to the U. S. Supreme Court is not really a battle over people, but over principles. It is not a fight for just a court, but for a country. What did we learn from last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings about Chief Justice nominee John Roberts and this…
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