Constitution College

 Constitution College

"Teaching Teachers, Leading Leaders, and Coaching Coaches"

The Constitution College (“ConColl”) is an arm of the Blackstone Institute which researches, creates, and teaches organized curricula (groups of studies) and action events for our varied audiencesespecially teachers, and other leaders and coaches from various professions, disciplines, etc (“coaching” referring to direction of Blackstone’s premier moot court program).   These curricula may be fluid – i.e., a particular curriculum may include individual studies that can be moved between curricula to meet the needs of a particular audience, producing “customized curricula.”   But all ConColl studies and events are anchored in the worldview/presuppositional approach, revolving around constitutional/jurisprudential apologetics.

ConColl is designed to equip and train an army of Constitutionalist patriots, particularly teachers, leaders, and [moot court] coaches who are committed to restoring the Constitution to its rightful and necessary position of supremacy in our legal system.  “Equipping” Constitutionalists involves providing them with the tools needed for our vital effort. “Training” involves teaching Constitutionalists how to use these tools.  The focus is the Constitution; and the framework is the worldview approach, emphasizing the cultural engagement – i.e., the “war of worldviews” hammering contemporary America. The Constitution is understood and defended as a part of the broad Judeo-Christian worldview; constitutional and jurisprudential apologetics permeate ConColl’s work.

ConColl studies are thus, of necessity, interdisciplinary, merging into one seamless system such bodies of thought as the classical liberal arts, philosophy, and theology, in addition to “law studies” – constitutional theory/history/law, jurisprudence and legal history, etc.  These curricula embody the ingredients of the “classical Trivium” –“grammar”(knowledge), “logic” (reasoning), and “rhetoric” (communication).

But our flagship program is Blackstone’s “PIT” program (“Partners In Training”), which “teaches teachers, coaches coaches, and leads leaders.”  Through this service, future leaders are recruited and molded in the various multiple roles to which each of them is called and which are vital to the CCC and Blackstone in general.  PIT combines individualized programs with more basic, foundational programs to offer each future leader a unique development opportunity.  New leaders completing this program receive certificates recognizing their achievements in reaching leadership status and required for them to join the existing cadre in leading classes, teams, groups, etc.  PIT graduates may directly teach workshops, studies, etc.  Additionally, high-achieving PIT graduate may be offered the opportunity to become master leaders focused on “leaders leading leaders.” as these graduates demonstrate their ascendancy to this level of competency.

The Blackstone Institute is always seeking new teachers, leaders and coaches. Certificates are awarded to individuals who complete training for these responsibilities. Contact the Institute for the most current information on certificate programs.