Christians Confronting the Culture Initiative

Introducing the “Christians Confronting the Culture Initiative”

James Madison observed that, “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.” Surely this truth has never been so painfully obvious than in the last two year of America’s explosive history. “Arming our people with knowledge” is the central objective of the “Christens Confronting the Culture Initiative (“CCC”),” which has now officially launched its unique educational enterprise.

The Christians Confronting the Culture Initiative is sponsored by the National Eagle Forum and the Blackstone Institute. The Initiative is a multi-purpose, multi-functional Initiative designed to serve audiences running the gamut from heavily academic to heavily activist, and to all groups in between. But all CCC materials, services, and activities revolve around a unifying theme - the long-range goal of arming American patriots with the power of knowledge necessary to confront the culture with the Judeo-Christian worldview in America’s current life-threatening Culture War.

The CCC Initiative also pursues immediate-range goals as dictated by the course and state of the Culture War engulfing America. The current immediate-range goal is to mobilize a highly skilled army of Judeo-Christian adherents to prevail in the 2020 elections. This success would move America both back to its Judeo-Christian roots and forward to future strength and prosperity as a revitalized Judeo-Christian society and nation.

Whichever goals are being pursued, CCC studies combine in a uniquely powerful way, the elements of stability and flexibility. Stability results from Blackstone’s always teaching basic immutable truth in any study. Flexibility results from CCC’s extraordinary ability and commitment to adapt rapidly and efficiently with new studies needed to address sudden crises in our law and culture when they erupt.

The CCC launched its initial services and activities in January, 2019. A long-range plan foresees a panoramic array of culture-confronting tools for the Judeo-Christian American. But available now, or in process of becoming available in the near future, are the services/activities listed below in two groups.

“Christians Confronting the Culture” Curriculum

(1) Publication of “A Judeo-Christian Manifesto” providing Americans with along-needed “same page of music” as their basic blueprint for arming themselves with knowledge and converting that knowledge into action. {link}

(2) The continuation and expanded presentation of the two-part (1’/part) study incorporating and greatly elaborating upon, the “Manifesto” and advancing its purposes. These studies are entitled “Constitutional Conversations: America in the Twilight of Truth” and are currently being led locally and regionally in person by Virginia and through live-streaming webinars also led by her.

(3) A video-taped version of these “Constitutional Conversations” is scheduled for release shortly. Consult our CCC website for the latest information on any this vital and timely overview of contemporary American culture and law.

(4) Already available is CCC’s unique and popular “PAL” (“Professor Accessible Online”) program. Subtitled “It’s Your Turn,” the current service, led by Dr. Armstrong, offers Judeo-Christian Americans the opportunity for live streaming, video interaction with Dr. Armstrong and like-minded leaders. Check the PAL link on our website for updated information on any scheduled events. Make arrangements for individuals and/or groups to access this extraordinary feature by contacting Blackstone’s offices {link}.

(5) Publication of CCC’s “Trumpet of Truth” premier series of short printed studies (typically 2-4 pp. /issue) uniquely analyzes the hottest fronts in America’s Culture War. Currently available, for example, are: “(1) “America’s Marriage Miasma: The Same Sex Marriage Cases; and (2) “The Tragedy of Transgenderism.” {link}

(6) The launching of CCC’s podcast service will also appear under the banner, “Trumpet of Truth” and will feature subjects which parallel the issues addressed in the “Trumpet of Truth,” printed version. {link}

(7) A major revamping of Blackstone’s website, just completed, houses CCC materials. This updated site is state-of-the art, designed to provide participants with the latest innovations in digital service including interactive communication.

(8) The launching of a new CCC social media enterprise is also underway.

Core Curriculum of the Blackstone Institute

The CCC Initiative will also utilize the components of Blackstone’s existing Core Curriculum, a multi-faceted body of materials which has been built over a lengthy period of time and is excellent for use by individuals or groups, and if by groups, groups of virtually any size from small groups to conventions/conferences. These components are described in the other portions of the Blackstone website on which this CCC link is located. These other components include the following:

(1) Blackstone’s “Reviving the Constitution” course,  which is a flagship of  Blackstone’s work. This semester-long course may be taken for credit at various levels - high school, collegiate (undergraduate), and collegiate (graduate) A shorter version is also available for non-credit participation by those who simply desire to arm themselves with the powerful knowledge of this Blackstone centerpiece. {link}

(2) Blackstone’s unique, premier action event, the Truth Triathlon Team, of which the Blackstone Moot Court is the centerpiece. This extraordinary event is multi-tiered academically, and multi-generational in its appeal. It has been successfully implemented at the high school, undergraduate collegiate, and graduate collegiate levels. Participants have ranged from age thirteen to adult. Patriots who desire to be involved in a non-credit, non-academic manner can contribute in numerous non-competitive ways –timekeeping, record-keeping, etc. Thus, Moot Court is a remarkable “unifier” of different generations. But the focus is ALWAYS on enabling participants to argue for the over-turning of the most egregious decisions of America’s courts - Roe v. Wade, Edwards v. Aguillard, Obergefell v. Ohio, etc.
The Team also engages in other events supporting moot court and injecting variety and engaging activities into the Team environment. Examples of other activities include Constitution Bowl (a T.V. game show-style competition) and Vocabulary Bee (which emphasizes the meanings, not just spelling, of words and phrases).

(3) Blackstone’s Constitution Camp, conducted in a beautiful natural setting, has thus far focused on a high school level audience. But the Camp is amenable to a variety of focuses. Regardless of the group involved, the Camp offers participants the most complete learning environment possible – where they can benefit from the synergistic effects of nature interacting with the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual forces, which properly combined generates learning to the greatest degree possible.

(4) Blackstone’s Core Curriculum, which consists of a wide variety materials which are complementary yet different as to topic, format (printed, audio, audio-visual). Any of these is a valuable study in itself, but various studies can also be grouped in an almost limitless manner to produce a longer class, program, etc. customized for a particular group, purpose, etc. This rich Curriculum provides a rock-solid foundation for the CCC Initiative. Contact the Blackstone Institute for assistance in creating a customized program for yourself or your group.

(5) Blackstone’s “PIT” program (“Partners In Training”), which “teaches teachers, coaches coaches, and leads leaders.” Through this service, future leaders are recruited and molded in the various multiple roles to which each of them is called and which are vital to the CCC and Blackstone in general. PIT combines individualized programs with more basic, foundational programs to offer each future leader a unique development opportunity. New leaders completing this program receive certificates recognizing their achievements in reaching leadership status and required for them to join the existing leadership cadre. {link}

For further information, visit other links on our website and/or contact the Institute directly.