Honors and Acknowledgements

Christians Confronting the Culture Initiative -Honors and Acknowledgements

Top-performing members of the Truth Triathlon Team are named as “Blackstone Barristers.” This award is conferred by the Blackstone Institute upon Team members who have excelled in the Team’s event arenas, with moot court performance carrying the heaviest weight. Students so honored may advance through higher Barrister ranks as they advance in leadership qualities.

Brigade membership is conferred upon individuals who excel in various leadership positions with Blackstone’s programs. These include teachers and coaches and other leaders whose contributions to the Team merit this distinction. An individual may be honored more than once with this designation.

Membership in this group is awarded to individuals whose contributions to the Blackstone Institute and its programs are especially meritorious. These contributions may take of financial gifts, extraordinary service prayer support, and/or other deserving acts of support as deemed worthy by the Blackstone Board. An honoree may be granted this award more than once.