The Barrett Nomination Blitz – Axiom #2

Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D. Pres., Blackstone Institute; National Chrm., Eagle Forum’s Court Watch October 2020 [NOTE: This Blitz proposes four “Action Axioms” – principles of action needed to secure the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, with explanations and arguments supporting each Axiom included in the analysis][NOTE: This Blitz proposes four “Action Axioms” –…
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Questions for Judicial Nominees: Long and Short Versions

Prepared by Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D., President, Blackstone Institute. National Chairman, Eagle Forum’s Court Watch What are some of the tough questions that we need to ask nominees for both the Supreme Court and the lower courts? Provided below is a lengthy questionnaire concerning nominees’ positions on general philosophy as it relates to law, and their…
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