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"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." James Madison, "Father of the Constitution;" President of the United States, 1809-1817


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The Blackstone Blitz Study Series

"From Classroom to the Courtroom and Culture"

The Blitz Series consists of short but power-packed studies which can help arm you in the "classroom" with the power of knowledge needed to fight for our Constitution in the "real world of the courtroom and the culture."  These Studies include the following:

  1. Buy Now"Courting Justice:  How to Revive the Constitution" – An overview of the campaign necessary to Revive our Constitution – to recapture it from the hands of Humanist/Reconstructionist judges and restore it to its Judeo-Christian foundations.  Included are the "3 Cs" principles we must pursue, as well as an examination of our enemy and a detailed plan for action – our "Reviving the Constitution Plan." $29.95
  2. "The Blackstone Blitz Workshop on the Constitution" – A longer version of "Courting Justice," including audience participation in the activities with manual   provided. $49.95
  3. Buy Now"Our Dynamic Duo:  The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence" – A study focusing on the contents of the Constitution, with insights and information not found in typical "Constitution studies."  The concluding segment offers a unique analysis of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence – their interrelationship and a specific examination of their Judeo-Christian characteristics. $19.95
  4. image"Blackstone Blitz, I.:  The Constitution:  A Culture War Victim" – An explanation and elaboration of the worldview approach to understanding the courts, Constitution, and Culture War.  Included is a smashing blow to central elements in the Reconstructionist campaign against the Constitution – the myths of "separation of church and state, relativism, diversity/pluralism, and tolerance" (phrases morphed into Humanistic meanings by our foes). $24.95
  5. image"Blackstone Blitz, II.:  Defining and Defending the Judeo-Christian/Constitutionalist Worldview and Constitution Theory" – An in-depth definition and defense of Constitutionalist principles (a vital component of the Judeo-Christian worldview) with which we Constitutionalists MUST be armed to repel the Reconstructionists. $24.95


  1. Each study is beneficial for individual use or group use.
  2. Most of the studies should require approximately 2 hours of time.  Study 1 includes online printed material and a DVD which will be sent to you via regular mail when your online registration is received.  Study 2 includes a substantially longer DVD and manual elaborating in detail on material in Study 1.  Study 3 is a CD presentation with printed materials.  Studies 4 and 5 are multimedia, online presentations with printed material. 
  3. An individual or group may take as many of the studies as he/she/it wishes.  We strongly encourage taking all of the studies, in the order in which they are listed above.
  4. Special prices may be available; please contact Blackstone directly for more information.