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[Shared] John Roberts’s self-defeating attempt to make the court appear nonpolitical

When John Roberts was nominated to the Chief Justiceship fifteen years ago, I penned an extensive analysis of his record under the title, “Will the Real John Roberts Please Stand Up?” The studies are still accessible at http:/ on the Court Watch page in the Archives section. The article here offers a compelling answer which is most disturbing for the Constitution and the culture. Read on...

The Barrett Nomination Blitz – Axiom #2

Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D. Pres., Blackstone Institute; National Chrm., Eagle Forum’s Court Watch October 2020 [NOTE: This Blitz proposes four “Action Axioms” – principles of action needed to secure the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, with explanations and arguments supporting each Axiom included in the analysis][NOTE: This Blitz proposes four “Action Axioms” –…
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